Epson ink cartridges in Newry for as little as £1 each plus VAT with free delivery

Epson compatible ink cartridges are now available to walk in and buy for £1 each excluding VAT at www.inknow.co.uk.  The Epson range of ink cartridges include the compatible Epson T1811/2/3/4 ink cartridges that work with the following Epson printers: Epson Expression XP-30, XP-102, XP-202, XP-205, XP-302, XP-305, XP-402, XP-405, XP-405WH,XP-212, XP-215, XP-312,XP-315, XP-412,XP-415, XP-225, XP-322,XP-325, XP-422, XP-425.  The four compatible ink cartridges offer big savings when compared with the original brand Epson cartridges.  The Epson T0711/2/3/4 ink cartridges are also priced at £1 each and work with 48 printers from the Epson Stylus printer range.  Sales of compatible printer ink in Newry is on the increase with more and more people making the switch from original brand to non-genuine cartridges.

Check out your printer cartridge on our website and take advantage of the low prices now!  Don’t forget the free delivery with every order!

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