Scary prices of Epson Ink cartridges in Belfast.

Compatible Epson ink cartridges in Belfast are by far the most popular buy for the home and office user in recent months.  The Epson Expression XP range of printers have sold in their thousands thanks to the low purchase price on offer from Epson.  These popular printers use four colour cartridges, T1811 Black, T1812 Cyan, T1813 Magenta and T1814 yellow.  The cartridges are available for as little as £1 each plus the VAT with FREE delivery to all UK addresses.  These high quality compatible cartridges are all covered by a money-back guarantee so if there are any issues with the cartridge compatibility they can be exchanged or refunded.  Epson ink cartridges in Belfast are among the most unlikely to give problems with compatibility as they will usually work with the printer without any issues.  Epson compatible cartridges in general do not present many problems and another big selling range of these cartridges are the T1281/2/3/4 range (T12845 pack code).  These ink cartridges again are available with FREE delivery and selling online for as little as £1 a cartridge plus VAT.  Sales of non-original printer ink in Belfast has rocketed in recent times as more and more consumers make the switch to compatible cartridges in an effort to get a better deal.

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