Where to find HP364 ink cartridges in Belfast.

HP364 ink cartridges in Belfast are fast becoming one of the most sought after cartridges in Ireland with over 50 HP printers using this ink.  There are two types of cartridge, the standard HP364 ink cartridges that comes in a set of four colours; black cyan, magenta and yellow.  There is an extra option to use a photo black cartridge with some printers for those who want to produce photo quality prints.  The standard original brand HP364 black and colour ink cartridge in Belfast will print 300 pages @ 5% coverage which is pretty much text only on an A4 sheet.  The high capacity cartridges which are known as the HP364XL will print over twice as many sheets so are better value by far.  The non-original version of the HP364XL will print the same amount of pages but for a lot less cost than that of the original brand cartridge.  Buy a full set of four non-original HP364XL ink cartridges for £18.99 + VAT with free delivery, all the cartridges come fully chipped and are compatible with the latest printer recognition.  Non-original printer ink in Belfast is in bigger demand than ever as home and business users try to save money on their printing.  The best deals for all ink cartridges are always available online – easy to order and no hassle free delivery make it worth the effort to search out the best deal.  A word of warning though!  Always make sure the HP364 ink cartridge you are buying has the latest ‘chip’ to ensure that the printer will recognise the cartridge.  HP offer firmware updates that provide the printer with updated software that may make it difficult for an older version of the HP364 cartridge to work.  Any queries on any of our product then please do not hesitate to contact us on 028 3083 3221.

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