Digital Impact on the Printer Ink Industry in Belfast.

Imagine how printer ink in Belfast was printed 30 years ago when comparing to modern day techniques. Industrial print on hardcopy books or newspaper using old printing machines, where the print resolution was low and the quantity a fraction of what can be achieved now. Smaller volumes using a basic typewriter for office or even in the home.  Nowadays alot of this material is not even printed with the advent of digital technology.
The introduction of the printing press was the major development in printing. Printing in bulk was made feasible, very significant  in commercial products such as books and newspapers. Although technology has had a profound impact on these two industries with regards to printing. This has merely changed the goal posts rather than demean the role of printing.

As the digital world keeps growing so do the products which evolve from it. In the home, in the workplace, even in the street there are items that only exist with advancements in technology. Now stop and think is there a role or evidence of printing may it be how a component functions or how a product is packaged. Almost every product requires packaging, clothes including women’s, men and children are designed using printing techniques. Furniture in the home and office can be decorated withs prints.  Wallpaper on your bedroom wall is produced through prints, even the picture hanging on that wall is created by print. All of these use printing techniques which will require ink cartridges in Belfast.

So yes the print industry is using less printer ink in Belfast in the last ten years. Certain sectors have been battered from pillar to post in their commercial viability. But the printing industry as a whole is still vibrant and enjoying great advancements as a result of digital developments.

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